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Threads are connecting the world.

Threads of our products connecting people, emotions different world views. Every product tells its own story and is therefore unique. All the products are going to produced in the vocational college of the social project – Karai Childrens Vocational Centre in Kenia. My name is Sarah Müller and I have been working as a volunteer in tailoring in the project for 6 month. I was emotionally not able to leave the project without making sure, how I could support the project continually and create jobs. These jobs, they are a warranty for the school leavers of the vocational college to work in their trained job and are therefore able to earn their own living. On March 2017 I started my own label Nyuzi Blackwhite and since then we in common put in my ideas and design in public action. The products are determined by means of multifunctionality and upcycling of materials, as well as cement bags and fodder bags, which surely will end in the garbage. Every product I design and work out of my own I’ m going to teach to the young women on place how to realize it. Always just one woman is going to sew the product from the beginning to the end and it is amazing to see how proud she is about her result.

Order our products at dawanda or contact us via e-mail. With pleasure we will take exceptional makings in a bigger number of pieces and actually with you brand label. Do not hesitate to contact us, we are very pleased about your welfare.





  • teacher in the voational school
  • coordinating orders and organizing of processes
  • responsible for quality check



  • heart of the team
  • first teammember
  • grown up in the childresn
  • finished her appreticeship in august 2016i



  • our fastest sewer
  • finished her apprenticeship in summer 2017 and started direct working for nyuzi
  • best user of our new industrial machine



  • she wants to learn everyday something new
  • still in apprenticeship
  • helping in the production to earn some small money and to finance her exam fees





  • founder of Nyuzi
  • tailor
  • fashion developer (staatliche Modeschule Stuttgart)
  • first volunteer stay in kenya September 2016 - March 2017 (start nyuzi)
  • second visit to kenya June 2017 - September 2017 (extenstion of nyuzis products)




  • Volunteer
  • Visited production in kenya last year
  • Sells on markets
  • & supports in all situations




The project – Karai Childrens Vocational Centre consists of a children’s home for orphans and street children. It have an elemtary school as well as a vocational college. Karai offers the children a loving care home and make education on the school possible. At present the project cares for 120 children aged 4 – 20. The children vocational college offers a handcraft trainee in carpenters, electricians, hairdresser and tailors for institution Childs and surrounding children.The -   Keniahilfe Schwäbische Alb – benefits these project.




Would you like to get in touch with us?

Hauptstraße 45, 70771 Leinfelden-Echterdingen

+49 176 84826583




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